Young at Heart

With our society growing with an ageing population it is estimated that 1 in 3 of us will be over the age of 50 by 2025!

So, what does this mean for business?Young at heart
The increase in the over 50’s population combined with fewer younger people expected to join the workforce over the next 10 years will give rise to a shortfall of new talent being available. More emphasis will therefore need to be given to the retraining and retaining of the workforce to ensure businesses can provide a pipeline of talent to survive.
Many over 50’s believe that they are being dismissed for interview by recruiters based on their age and the myth that they are no longer so susceptible to change. However, the main factor that is being overlooked by employees is that despite that we are indeed living longer and there is a huge talent pool in this age bracket, ultimately, they are young at heart. The over 50’s still have a lot to contribute to business and with a shortage of new talent coming through the ranks they are key to future business development.
Many over 50’s no longer hunger for those high level roles however they do wish to use their skills to enrich companies whilst maintaining job satisfaction.
So before you look to pass over these CV’s take time to see how they could add value to your existing team.
If you would like further help introducing a more balanced workforce into your business creating a talent pipeline please contact when I will be pleased to help.


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