Updating Contracts, Policies and Procedures

It’s easy to take new staff on and dust off a copy of an existing contract of employment and office policies, but have you stopped to think when you last checked these were up to date!

Employment law is constantly evolving and regular health-checks for these documents will ensure you can rest easy and stay in line with current legislation.

Our policies should give clear information that can reduce conflict among employees by setting out guidelines to be followed within an organisation. This information provides a uniform approach to be recognised by both staff and management over a wide range of topics from discipline to maternity and should be your go to place for any questions raised.


The procedures we write will provide guidance on how to implement our company policies. For example, how to make and deal with a request for ‘flexible working’.

If you would like any advise or would like to carry out a review on any of the above please get in contact with me when I will be pleased to help.


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