The HR Function

HR stands for human resources and can be seen by some as a luxury that can be dispensed with in business. However, can you really afford not to pay attention to your company’s greatest asset ‘your employees’.

If you found a better deal through a supplier e.g. printing, paper etc you would readily change over but why do we ignore absenteeism or poor performance so many times, do we understand the true cost of this to a business.

Performance management

Many business’s leave the role of the manager to deal with employee related issues, but who supports the manager? who helps them prepare for those difficult conversations they may face from time to time?

At NJM HR Consulting we care about the ‘wellbeing’ of all employees including the management team. Support can be provided for in many different forms: –

• Recruitment and Onboarding – right people, right roles
• Training and Development – enhancing expertise
• Contracts of Employment, policies and procedures
• Employee Benefits
• Employment Law advice
• Communication – building good relationships
• Job analysis – identifying gaps, planning ahead

Not only should we consider if our employees have the correct tools to do their job and work in a suitable environment but have we provided a solid basis to form a good working relationship with them. Contracts of employment, policies and procedures form a working foundation for a business to grow with, offering guidance to both our management and employees to work to. If we build on this foundation, we can improve the wellbeing of a company and in turn increase productivity.

If you would like some further advice on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me when I will be happy to help

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