How to avoid the office party drama’s!


As December fast approaches and the countdown to Christmas begins, we start to plan the festivities for over the holiday period.

The office Christmas party seems first to appear in the social calendar offering a way to bring teams together to show your appreciation for all their hard work over the year.

However, the office party can be a risky event for an employer, as the drink flows often work-related frustrations come to the surface.

So, as employers, how can you help to ensure that all your staff have a good time without the dramas?

  • A gentle reminder to all employees in advance of the event explaining that despite this being an out of hours event the employee policies for misconduct still apply – its wise to re-distribute this to all beforehand
  • Encourage staff to look out for colleagues that may be drinking in excess to manage their behaviour
  • Consider how much free alcohol is supplied at the event
  • Where possible supply transport
  • Ensure your social media policy is up to date, you don’t really want to see any compromising pictures appearing

Just by following the above steps can help avoid any headaches after the event. If you do find yourself in need of a little advice though please do contact me when I’d be happy to help.

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