Time to Talk

I am writing this blog on ‘Time to Talk’ day 2020

3d people partner.
Some of us find talking about our personal life and troubles difficult and many of us still believe that your personal issues should not enter the workplace. However, no matter how hard we try to carry on as normal our feelings do impact on our work which can result in poor concentration and in some cases absence issues.
Our colleagues around us are equally impacted by our mood within the workplace. If we are feeling low we may appear very negative to new ideas and unwilling to help others, which in turn can drag a team down.
Time to talk day is trying to encourage us to change our mindset and help us to understand that by taking the time to talk to others in an understanding manner can not only help that individual feel supported but reflect on the mood within the workplace in a more positive way. This in turn creates greater productivity.
We are not expected to solve any personal issues and we must be aware that we are not all experts in dealing with mental health issues but by opening up some communication in a supportive manner can make a real difference.
Make sure you raise awareness in the workplace and consider upskilling your teams to support one another, the results will be rewarding. If you would like some further advice or help on this issue please contact me when I will be happy to help.

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