Protecting your Workforce

As we start to reach the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK many companies have made, or are in the process of making, ‘furlough’ leave arrangements for their employees to ease the burden on their current cash flow.

As a business leader our priority is to maintain cash flow in order to keep the business afloat for future trading. However, let’s not forget the impact that some of these measures may be having on employees too.

Having discussed this over the last few weeks with some of those impacted, it has become apparent that the effect of ‘furlough’ for some is not dissimilar to that of being made ‘redundant’. This can be likened to a period of mourning, a sense of great loss.

The Coronavirus poses a real threat to both us and those around us. The working environment brings a sense of normality and purpose, work brings us together with colleagues.

Here are some tips to help keep morale up during such difficult times:-

• Keep in touch – regular communication with colleagues re-enforces the team ethic as a united front. It’s important that if some, or all of, the workforce are put on furlough that they are made to feel they are all playing a vital role in keeping the company going.

• 121’s – try and keep up with 121’s, a quick virtual meeting with your line manager can help ease any concerns

• Wellbeing – look at what support packages you could provide your workforce online to help with their general wellbeing.

It may not seem like it at the current time as we fight for survival to keep our heads above water but without our workforce waiting in the background, ready and able, the struggle to come back from this will be so much harder.

If you would like some further guidance or help during these difficult times on any of the above or other employment queries, please do get in contact with me. I am able to offer a free of charge one hour consultation with you to understand your business needs.


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