Back to Work

Following the government guidance from the 13th May the UK lockdown has started to ease and we are now seeing an increase in businesses returning to work.

For many businesses this has meant recalling staff back from ‘furlough’ which is causing a dilemma in itself:-

• Who should be re-called, first furloughed first back
• Do we require full or partial return

For employees and employers alike returning to the workplace can be trickier than first imagined and therefore you may find the following approach helpful:-

• Firstly ensure that you are able to adhere to the ‘Health and Safety’ guidelines. Avoid      hot desks, ensure that social distancing can be maintained and provide screens where appropriate
• Maintain/implement new ways of working to include from home where possible
• Ask for volunteers to return to work initially, allowing those who are shielding or looking after dependants to hold back if preferred
• Consider who has the right skill set requirements
• Ensure you communicate to staff your intentions i.e. measures taken, reasoning behind  your decisions etc

If you still experience some reluctance by employees to return to the workplace do take the time to discuss this with them and try and understand their reasons for resistance. Often many issues can be overcome once you have taken time to talk things through.

For those employers who are unable to overcome these issues and refusal to return is maintained without good reason disciplinary steps may need to be taken and this in turn can have an unwelcome impact on your company.

If you require any advice on getting ‘back to work’ please do not hesitate to contact me when I will be happy to offer my help. Initial consultations of up to an hour are free.


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