Engaging with your Workforce

Now more than ever, we need to ensure that we pay attention to engaging with our workforce to enable the workplace to move forward positively following lockdown.

Keeping engaged with your staff is a big commitment and requires time and effort on your part. However, the results of long-term commitment from your team will help towards the well-being of your staff. In turn this leads to fewer mistakes, reduction in sickness and absence, greater productivity, and customer satisfaction.

To achieve results engagement must be aligned with the business strategy. Implementing unplanned ideas and activities only has short term impact, good engagement strategy needs to be embedded into the culture of your business to see the long-term results.

The following tips will help you on your way to achieving good engagement:-

• Create knowledge sharing – help maintain key skills within the workplace without solo reliance
• Encourage wider involvement in projects – seeking input and sharing views
• Set financial goals – reward
• Create learning opportunities – improving your employee’s skillset has a positive effect for both parties
• Incorporate some fun activities
• Give something back – charity Initiatives
• Share ideas – encourage innovation
• Communication – sharing/feedback

Through the implementation of some of these ideas positive engagement can be achieved but the long-term commitment from you is key to getting the desired results.

If you would like some help to start looking into how you can engage better with your team please contact me. I will be happy to make an assessment without any obligation, so what have you got to lose.


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