Staying Open and Safe

As the social distancing rules start to relax and more businesses start to re-open in July the focus on ‘staying safe’ and practising good health and safety measures is of the upmost importance.

Changes to the ‘Furlough’ scheme from the 1st July allow business to offer a gradual return to work for employees ‘flexible furlough’ to accommodate the business whilst still receiving support from the government funding. This scheme is due to be phased out in October in its entirety.

The following focus points remain :-

• You are encouraged to keep working and where possible to work from home if you can.

• Only travel to work when you are unable to work from home.

• Where public transport is used face coverings are now a requirement.

• Whilst in the workplace you need to observe the social distancing guidelines where possible. (For the latest information and guidance please visit the GOV.UK website)

• Carry out good housekeeping practises, keeping hand sanitizers/washing facilities available

• Communicate clearly with your staff at all times to allay any fears

• If you show any signs of COVID 19 then you must self isolate for 7 days. By contacting the NHS a test can be provided and where possible the tracing of those you have been in contact with can be made. Full provided on the NHS website

By ensuring best practise is followed at all times businesses can remain open giving confidence to both their employees and to their clients.

For further advice on any of the above employment matters, please do contact mechange.

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