Balancing Life and Work

Adapting to challenges that every day life brings is key now more than ever. We need to be able to work flexibly, incorporating childcare, cover for colleagues and helping those that may fall ill over the coming winter.

With the provision in business for ‘good flexible working’ in place this will allow you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances with minimum disruption to your business.

Being able to adapt working hours and offer potential job share opportunities will enable a business to retain key staff.

It sounds easy, but often we find that managers are unsure how to put flexible working in place and how they can measure the work output, especially with remote working.

Here’s a few handy tips:-

  • Provide good communication – look at different ways that you are able to keep in touch, remember some employees may be working late at night!
  • Delegate work where possible
  • Set clear deadlines – working together as part of a team to achieve deadlines
  • Support – make sure you are offering the right level of support

By offering flexible working to your employees you will often find that they will be more driven to succeed and produce work in a timely fashion, often exceeding expectations.

If you need any further advise on flexible working best practise and/or home working checklist please get in touch. I offer a free no obligation consultation to all business owners to discuss exactly how I may be able to help you.

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