Pandemic Fatigue

Enhancing motivation and innovative ideas in the workplace can be challenging after Christmas during the dark cold months’ that follow. With the added obstacle of lockdown restrictions more and more of us are starting to feel fatigued and finding it hard to pull ourselves out of this feeling.

It is important that during these times we engage with our staff on a regular basis and explore how they are feeling and how we can support them with their work. Many of us have turned to zoom for our 121 catch ups which has proved a useful tool during the pandemic, but have you stopped to think if this is the best vehicle for each individual.

Many families are now all home working together under one roof and having a quiet space to carry out a zoom meeting is not always easy. Home working and home schooling is adding great pressure to families alongside the everyday life challenges.

Being stuck in the house all day facing a string of zoom meetings can be equally wearing.

Take the time to find out how you can engage in a positive way, maybe suggest that you put your coats on and ‘walk and talk’ whilst getting out of the house.

Managing teams is both challenging and rewarding if we take the right approach, we can see productive results within the workplace.

But who managers the managers? It is important to make time to take good care of ourselves and find ways of maintaining our wellbeing for the long term. By eating healthily, staying active and fulfilling our time creatively we can achieve a more balanced state of mind helping you to help others too.

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