A Manager’s role in development

A Manager’s role is made up of many components of leadership, not only are you expected to have a broad depth of knowledge and understanding of the company but the ability to encourage and mentor your teams.

Rather than jumping in and solving queries without question try and encourage the team to find solutions by prompting them to think things through for themselves i.e. ‘what have you tried?’

Empathising with your team and being compassionate to those struggling from time to time is a key part to gaining your employee’s trust and respect.

Always make it possible to have those private chats away from the rest of the team to allow an open conversation to take place no matter how busy you are and offer your support.

Encouraging your team to learn from each other by positively sharing successes and allowing open discussions to take place will broaden the skills held in the team and improve the overall culture. This frequent type of learning can be far more successful than ad hoc courses and will address any gaps in skills for future proofing.

However, when those difficult conversations arise don’t delay be quick and consistent in your approach.

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