Managing Stress

During our lives we will all experience varying degrees of stress, this a natural reaction to the everyday demands of life.

Small amounts of stress when faced with challenges can be good and motivate us to perform at our best. However, when you are faced with multiple challenges such as rising household bills, meeting deadlines and harassment at work you can find yourself pushed beyond the ability to cope.

Too much stress in our lives can cause us to experience fatigue, poor concentration, lack of motivation and irritability all of which lead to poor productivity.

So how can employers help their workforce to overcome too much stress?

In the first instance we should engage with an employee that is showing signs of stress and try and find out what the triggers are. It may be an overwhelming workload and help may be needed to prioritise tasks and deal with things in bite size chunks. When you feel overwhelmed tasks can seem impossible to complete, but with a little guidance we can learn to cope reducing the pressure we feel.

A work colleague once said something to me which I will always remember ‘I can only do what I can in the time I have’. He always remained calm and produced a good steady workflow.

Other triggers in the workplace could be down to conflict and dealing with this effectively and promptly will lead to a better working environment for everyone. These situations don’t go away unless dealt with head-on, they simply bubble away until they reach boiling point.

If you work with machinery stress can lead to poor judgement and mistakes leading to potential health and safety risks. Educating your workforce to look out for triggers of stress can maintain a safe workplace and raise the awareness.

We can’t fix every problem but with education, support and guidance we can reduce the pressure whilst in the workplace and improve the overall productivity.

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