Gender Pay Gap

gender payAre you ready for the gender pay gap reporting?

All companies with 250 employees or more are required to produce a gender pay gap report each year showing the average pay difference between men and women.

To dissipate any negative feelings a robust narrative is vital to accompany the report before publication.

Act now to give yourselves plenty of time to look at your business reporting and be ready for any gaps.

Learning and Development

L&DNo matter what the size of your business supporting a continuous robust learning and development programme will not only enhance your business but increase good employ relations.

There are many cost efficient ways of embedding this into a business without adding any financial pressure to the profit and loss sheet.

If you would like some help looking into learning and development initiatives for your business please do not hesitate to contact me.

Embracing Change

To be continuously successful in business we need to keep up with the fast changing environment around us, keeping one step ahead of our competitors.

Making positive changes by engaging with your business is the first step, continuous improvement and benchmarking is key to embedding this successfully.

change 1

If you would like to take a look into the way your business operates and see how you could enhance chang please contact me for a no obligation consultation.



The profit line may look good but do you really know how your business is performing.

By putting in some good measures you can proactively pinpoint areas that are falling behind and act fast to correct through continuous improvement.

Don’t wait to see profits slide, know your business

Innovative working in the workplace

More and more companies promote working out of the office which in turn can give the employee a good degree of flexible working. This flexibility can help a business attract new talent and in particular to graduates.

With the talent pool in short supply currently you need to look at new ways to support your business and improve productivity.

Need some help looking at how you could offer flexible working within your business? Please contact me for further details.




With the intention to trigger Article 50 by the end of March, HR are gearing up to create a more productive and stronger workforce through the creation of a talent pipeline to maintain sustainability.


Time off for dependants

With the half term fast approaching as a business you may find that you are struggling to cope with all the leave requests. Many families are unable to make alternative childcare arrangements during the holiday period due to their financial position.

In order to support both your employees and business requirements why not consider flexible working and avoid any unnecessary time off being taken at short notice.

Make Every Day a Friday

You can’t mistake that ‘Friday Feeling’ at work it’s like a sudden injection of energy.

Make every day a Friday by recognising your staff throughout the week. Freshen up your approach through reward and motivate your team into action.

A motivated team creates not only good wellbeing for your staff but increased productivity.

Make every day a Friday!