Nicky and I worked closely together for 2 years at a time of intense change within our business.  During that time Nicky led HR matters at all levels; from advising myself and the other board members, to undertaking front line meetings with staff.  Her knowledge, experience and input into the transformation was broad in scope and made a genuine difference.  In 2 years we covered everything from an office move (‘move makers’ engagement, site visits, design, staff retention, BWOW) to hiring new teams, performance management, restructuring programmes, staff engagement and development initiatives.

Nicky’s commitment and professionalism during this time was second to none.  Above all, and what I personally valued more than anything technical, was Nicky’s ability to pivot between confidentially advising/challenging me on matters (often beyond the traditional ‘HR’ agenda), and also being there as a genuine front line support for our staff.  This helped ensure the ‘distance’ between the top of our organisation and the bottom was minimised; something that I believe is essential for good staff engagement.  As a result I would thoroughly recommend Nicky’s expertise to any organisation that is either going through change, or simply wants to be better.

John Eldridge, Managing Director

Nicky successfully balanced a pragmatic whilst empathetic approach in respect of the business and the employees.  There were complex HR issues, especially when the business was undergoing significant disruption and uncertainty. Nicky maintained the balance of being approachable but discrete.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.  A big thank you Nicky for all of your valuable advice and support.   

Louise Montague-Fuller CIMA, Finance Director

Nicky is a knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate professional specialising in Human Resources. Her ability to assess the situation, provide accurate and long terms solutions to recruitment problems is nothing short of World Class. Her focus is professional and incredibly business orientated to what the team needed, the advice given was clear and to the point. It is a pleasure to recommend Nicky to any business and I know they will be in good hands”

Malcolm Stewart MA, BA (Hons) / Marine Trade Manager

I have worked in my capacity of Call Centre Manager for more than 7 years now and 4 of those closely with Nicky. During this time she has provided sound advice, solid support and guidance – specifically during a very difficult time of transition.

A reliable source to have on side! 

Sharon Sanders, Call Centre Manager

Nicky and I worked together for 12 years. Throughout this time I found Nicky to be considered, constructive and pragmatic and a great support in achieving high standards across the areas that would involve her from an Operations and/or HR stance.   She worked with me on various parts of the business including the Training and Competence Scheme, Regulatory Business Plan and various elements of the Risk Register e.g. HR, Key Man, Succession Planning and Health & Safety.  Nicky was respected, trusted and well liked within the Senior Management Team and also known to be efficient, discreet and good humoured.

Peter Marshall CII,  Compliance Manager